The latest technologies and industry best practices are used in Saudi National Steel to aid and hone manufacturing expertise. The Quality Control department is equipped with the most advanced computerized monitoring and testing systems. And, of course, the company is ISO 9001:2015 certified by SGS UK Ltd.

Saudi National Steel maintains Total Quality Management (TQM) systems at all stages of production. International Quality Control Standards are followed for every process - from testing basic raw material to certifying the final product.


The below steps are followed to ensure Total Quality, which is a way of life at Saudi National Steel:


  • Careful selection of basic raw material.
  • Chemical analysis of hot material samples
  • Analysis of physical and chemical properties of Billets.
  • Re-heating furnace temperature check.
  • Checking size and gauge at final stage.
  • Checking of final mechanical, chemical and physical properties of finished product.

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